A New Direction

Public Relations and Strategic Management — A Different Perspective (20091104)

This is, I hope, the post you have been waiting for.

This blog well no longer be updated and instead will serve as a repository of information, to reflect this the frontpage will be changed to focus on search, discovery and sharing.

But this does not mean I will stop blogging.

You can find the new blog over at A Different Perspective — Public Relations and Strategic Management. But do not count on fast and frequent updates, there is a world of twitter out there just for that. Instead, I hope to use the new blog to publish more substantial and in-depth articles.

So drop by, update your rss reader with the new feed and feel free to let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “A New Direction”

  1. Good choices. I think we’re all struggling to find the right balance of blogging, social networks – and real life.

    Blogs still have an important part to play in the mix and are a better business card then Twitter. But fast and furious does not make sense for individuals (leave that to group blogs and professional sites).

  2. Tudo bem Bruno? Estou a precisar de um artigo para consulta. O artigo é este: “Methodological approach to the first and second lactate threshold in incremental cardiopulmonary exercise testing”. Está no springerlink. Se conseguires, envia-me. TCarvalho85@gmail.com



    1. Tiago, não imagino o que poderá te dado a ideia de que eu teria algum género de acesso especial com a Springerlink, de qualquer modo os artigos deles estão geralmente disponíveis para compra.

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