A Request for Feedback

European Flags - by Xavier HäpeAfter Euroblog, I have been struggling with the realisation that I should provide at least some content in English. So far, the best bet appears to be a small post that sums up all that was published the week or month before.

The logic behind this is my belief that there should be more Portuguese Bloggers talking about Public Relations. That is where I stand my ground and that is the reason why 90% of the content published will be on my mother tongue. Not forgetting that I have always stood against Portuguese bloggers writting in English, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share ideas and comments with the friends I made at Euroblog.

So, having explained that and accepting any criticism that might come my way. The question I have for you is, how do you prefer?

Should I just add another category for English posts? Do you want a separate feed to distinguish each language? Or do you see a better alternative than these? Would you mind if some content could only be found in English?

This questions goes for both current and future readers, so please feel free to speak no matter what the circumstances.

12 thoughts on “A Request for Feedback”

  1. I can´t understand your old idea about portuguese bloggers posting in english [or french, german, whatever]. Fortunately, I see you changed your point of view.
    Please notice that being as you are, working on PR, I find normal that you express yourself in english once in a while.
    So, I congratulate you for your initiative, it represents a contribution for portuguese PR blogs: not only it will bring others to understand our points of view, market, and so, but it will also show us as we really are, studying the world from the corner – a privileged observation point 😉

    Maybe I do the same… one of these days…


  2. Oh! About RSS an categories… forget it. I believe that anyone that works or intends to work on PR, Marketing, Business Communication, or anything related to communication, should know, at least, one international language.
    Just keep on posting…

  3. The only problem is that the advantages of writing in Portuguese are simple: you’re better at it.

    It’s a matter of quality standards, I guess.

    A lot of Portuguese bloggers writing in English are terrible. Well, some of them aren’t even good in Portuguese… but the question is that they are awful English writers.

    I’ve wondered about that English-Portuguese issue too… but it’s really hard to overcome our deficiencies as non-native English writers. Rui Carmo (The Tao of Mac) is the only good example I can remember now.

    Well, I haven’t really got a suggestion: I’m just reminding you of something you must have thought about before. English is great, really… but only if it doesn’t compromise your blog’s quality. Be sure to keep that in mind, man.

  4. I welcome you writing in English! Being proud of Portugal and being open to the world are not incompatible. Indeed, Portugal shares a history on the world stage with two other small, seafaring European nations (Britain, Holland).

    Others have gone down this route too. I’ve followed Octavio Rojas Orduna for many years; he now works for Edelman. Writing in English as well as Portuguese can be a good career move…

  5. I think you should definitely blog in English, at least once in a while. The reason is very simple, I think you have a great deal of good ideas! It would be sad to miss them becouse of the language barrier.

    Blogs, more than anything else, contribute to the body of knowledge in our profession. Sharing ideas in a common language is a great way to have an interantional dialogue. Having said this, I feel deeply ashamed of not having a blog of my own. Maybe your initiative will inspire me to start one…

  6. Hey Bruno! I’m facing the same problem! I’m blogging in French and know that I should post in English sometimes 😉 I think it’s good to do it in both languages, posting mainl y in your own language but once in a while in English too.

  7. Greetings Bruno,

    Long time since I wrote in your blog , I’ve been very busy!

    Well I’ve been following the blog long time ago, and i’ve seen the way you’ve been improving post by post, and I think this is just one more step to have more readers and admirers. As it is already written in the comments. I will have to agree with Carlos José Teixeira and especially with Filipe Marques. Because I do also think that written in english could decrease some of the quality.

    You are the one that knows who reads your blog, but by the comments I read, the maiority of the readers understand english, although i do also believe that not everyone, that visits you understands it.

  8. Tiago, of all the people who comment on Relações Públicas, I do believe you have been around the longest.

    I must say that I don’t understand the argument about quality. The posts in English will only serve as a weekly summary. So that readers who don’t speak Portuguese can also follow the blog. If you’re concerned about the grammar, don’t. I use a spell check :)

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