Anita, the Social Media Star

Image Reads: Anita reprehends perverted twitters

For a little background, Anita is the portuguese version of Martine, the character from a popular collection of children’s books.

What does she have to do with twitter? This post synthesizes most of it. (It received over 28 comments in just a few minutes because it mistook #Anita as a Brazilian Meme.)

It all began when I sent this update to twitter:

Translated it reads: "remember Anita's books? How about "Anita and Twitter" or "Anita learns to use Delicious"?

Others began suggesting book titles and the conversation took off from there. Two hours later #Anita was the number 1 query in Did it stop here? No.

From 10 am to 8pm here’s a glimpse of what happened:

The interesting bit is that eventually Anita had a personality of her own, born from the discussion taking place among the portuguese twitter community. And I think Portugal can now claim to have the biggest and silliest meme ever!

And I am not sure the whole thing has died out. So far we have also seen a new blog appear The fun continues… :)

Anita Vai ao Codebits

21 thoughts on “Anita, the Social Media Star”

  1. O fato da criação #Anita ter sido erroneamente atribuída aos brasileiros teria alguma relação com nossa (nada imerecida) fama de desocupados da internet? 😀

  2. Fabio, talvez tenha mais a ver com o facto de existirem mais pessoas no Brasil a falar Português 😉

    Ou ainda com o facto de os portugueses terem ganho a conotação de ser “sem graça” e ninguem estar à espera da #Anita.

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