Bilingual Public Relations

english rss feedAfter the decision of writing in English once in a while, the question was: how to do it without interfering with the reading experience?

If I just added a new category of posts, like I did, the problem would still be the 90% of portuguese posts getting in the way of people who don’t speak the language. Not only that, but since I use feedburner I lost access to WordPress’ rss versatility for categories, post authors and any other combination you might imagine.

The answer came from Yahoo Pipes.

What I did was set up an alternative RSS feed for posts written in English. Yahoo pipes retrieves my feed, blocks any content that doesn’t match the “en” category and feedburner picks it up again.

So here you have it, enjoy and please feel free to give me some feedback if you use it.

10 thoughts on “Bilingual Public Relations”

  1. I’m still working out the format for the English posts. But that is not an option, sorry. It would mean writing everything twice and I just don’t have the time.

    So far, the ideia is a longer post with a sumary of everything discussed in the week before. Along with the result of each post (comments and trackbacks).

    Static pages will also be translated of course.

  2. Humm… I understand. So, maybe you can do something like Paulo is doing, a weekly rss feed…
    You know how this is: you ask, you get. And it’s easier to give them than to put them working on our own blogs… 😉

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