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Bledcom, Last day and final thoughts

Following the bar set high by the first day of the conference, the second and last part of the event lived up to expectations.

New Zealand contributed with an interesting perspective and explanation of the Maori Party’s campaign. Other presentations focused more on cultural aspects as well as in the analysis of discourse.

bledcomThis is where David Phillips and I had a chance to participate.

We presented our paper on the analysis of online discourse and at the last minute thought about analysing the hyperlink network around

And so we did.

Both the network analysis and the semantic analysis showed to be in tune with the spirit of the conference. As David Phillips explains, it’s not about the words we use the most, but the concepts present along the discourse.

This example of real time analysis allows for an up to the minute monitoring of a public relations strategy as well as an initial assessment on publics’ values. And we are just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who took a part in organizing the conference. Your effort did not go unnoticed.

Bledcom, First Day

Made it to Bled after a trip that proved to be longer than expected.

And so far I most say that the choice of subject for the conference was perfect — Culture and Public Relations.

It was interesting to listen to perspectives on how culture changes Public Relations from Hong Kong to Germany, no matter what area we are talking about — Lobby, Stakeholder Management, Political Communication and more.

Such presentations do more than just spark curiosity, they make me re-think what I know about Public Relations in a broader scale. Due to the different values that help make up each culture practices and strategy need to be re-thought.

Each presentation can also serve to point out to a need to understand values systems and how they influence relationships as being the challenge for practitioners.

Cannot wait to see how tomorrow will turn out to be.

Bledcom 2009

In a few hours I will be travelling to Venice, so I can then reach Bled in Slovenia by train.

The occasion, Bledcom 2009 where I am presenting a paper with Professor David Phillips. We will be talking about A proof of concept for automated discourse analysis in support of identification of relationship building online.

What this means is that due to the way we now communicate it is possible to identify relationships and networks of relationships. Thus placing Public Relations in a new light.

But more on that later, I will try to post on the blog and on twitter as much as possible using #bledcom as a tag.

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