It’s time for your feedback!

Every once in a while I post a request for feedback, and this is the first time that I do it in English.

So here’s how it works: everything goes.

Tell me what you like about the blog, what topics you think might be interesting and what aspects of the blog you would like to see or don’t want to see at all. Things like the sidebar with the tag cloud for example.

This is as much my readers’ blog as it is my own. So I feel that engaging every once in a while on how I can improve it makes absolute sense. Especially now that I write in two languages.

3 thoughts on “It’s time for your feedback!”

  1. Well…

    I miss that “one post a day” thing but I kind of understand that you probably don’t have the time.

    More important, I have the impression you’re posting less about Public Relations than you used to. And I think you’re an important independent voice in the Public Relations business (in Portugal, of course). But this may be just an impression (hey, you wanted feedback!).

    I guess that’s it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Let me echo that. I’m still learning about public relations; I’ve much to learn about social media. But I have plenty of other sources for these two areas.

    What I can’t get anywhere else (or from anyone else) is a perspective on PR in Portugal (or a Portuguese perspective on global public relations).

  3. Thank you both for your thoughts.

    As for the one-post-a-day, I am afraid I can't simply do it and still write something worth reading everytime. I prefer to write less if it means it is still something worth reading.

    As for the PR Perspective, I agree, that subject has been lacking in the last few months.

    I will see what I can do about that :)

    Thank you again!

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