Looking for your Feedback

It’s a tradition around here, every once in a while I ask for feedback.

  1. What do you like about the blog?
  2. What keeps you coming back?
  3. What do you believe could help improve the articles or the site itself?
  4. Would you like to see the articles made available on twitter or other platform?

Or anything else you would like to add.

This post is in English for a simple reason, even though the vast majority of my readers speak Portuguese, I understand there are a few who don’t. But you are free to reply in whichever language you feel most comfortable with.

copyright of the post’s image belongs to Pedro Moura Pinheiro.

6 thoughts on “Looking for your Feedback”

  1. 1. I like the zen energy that it carries
    2. The topics you approach
    3. Maybe sharing point of view on theories, interviews with other people of the same or connecting areas, etc…
    4. Personally, not really.

  2. This is selfish – but here’s what I look for from the PR blogs I follow.
    I’m looking to learn what’s new: new ideas and theories, new tips on practice or teaching, new developments, links to new debates.
    You already provide this, so I’m a subscriber.

  3. Guys, thank you for your thoughts.

    Also, I am using this comment to test the new Login Function which uses OpenID, Facebook Connect, Google Accounts, or almost anything else you can think of.

    Using this method means no one can steal your identity and that you don’t have to memorize yet another password.

  4. 1. I like the subject and the way you write about it.

    2. I read by rss. I read it because PR are a subject that every professional should dedicate some time.

    3. There are a high percentage of posts without your posts. I prefeer to read blogs with author’s point of view, and I dislike blogs that seems a news’ aggregator. I’m not saying this blog is one of those, just asking to stay alert to the situation.

    4. I post my blog posts links on twitter. Personally I don´t need your alerts on twitter. But, if I were you, I would post a alert on twitter because you have followers that don’t read your blog, and it’s a way to increase your blog’s readers.

  5. Everyone, again: I appreciate you taking the time to give me an idea on what is on your mind.

    Richard, there is now a skribit tab on the right hand side where anyone can suggest new post. Feel free to use it as often as you want!

    Nuno regarding twitter, the reason why I don’t use it to publicize new posts is because I do not want to overdue it. But I think I found an alternative, when I see fit and believe a post is relevant enough, I will post it to twitter. Just not every single time I write.

    Just one last note, if everything goes well I hope to have some new ideas to share with everyone.

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