Please steal this idea!

Services like delicious, twitter and friendfeed mean nothing if you don’t give them context. Recently I came to the conclusion that my links page was dead. So I replaced it with a delicious link-stream, following dextro‘s advice.

But then it hit me, you can’t post comments to delicious. A click later I went from that thought to the friendfeed api page.

A quick search came up with 2 wordpress plugins, both already installed and none of which singles out the delicious stream from friendfeed. Back to square one.

So I took a look at my server and noticed that one of the plugins already came with the friendfeep api library. About an hour later I had coded a new page template that I called lifestream beta.

With it, I now have a delicious link stream that links to friendfeed so you can comment. Ideally, I was aiming for a lifestream page that allowed filtering the stream by service.

I think there’s a gap between friendfeed and wordpress. One that we could easily fill by providing a more customized friendfeed page in wordpress, along with the friendfeed comments plugin. In a perfect world, we could even seamelessly merge friendfeed and wordpress comments.

So please, go ahead and steal this idea. I would love to have a lifestream with filter and comment features.

Here’s the code if you’re interested in showing a link-stream:
$username = 'brunoamaral';
$service = "delicious";
$date_format = 'l G:i';
$feed = new FriendFeed($username, $api);
$session = new FriendFeed();
$feed = $session->fetch_user_feed($username, $service);?>

<div id="ff-activity">

<?php foreach ($feed->entries as $entry) { ?>
<div class="ff-event ff-<?php echo $entry->service->id; ?>" style="background-image: url('<?php echo $entry->service->iconUrl; ?>');">

<p class="title"><a href="<?php echo $entry->link;?>"><?php echo $entry->title;?></a></p>

<p class="ff-meta"><small><a href="" class="external"><?php echo date($date_format, $entry->published); ?></a></small> >>> <a href="<?php echo $entry->id; ?>">Friendfeed entry</a> </div>
<?php } ?>

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