Destination, Cape Verde

As some may recall, I left Fujitsu a while back. Soon after I turned in my resignation I saw a new opportunity appear: to teach an undergraduate Public Relations course in Cape Verde.

Long story short, I m taking on the challenge. I still don’t know what to expect but here I am, looking at my notes and preparing the first week of classes.

This adventure will last for the next 3 months and should end in March. During that time I will have the chance to be teach both first and second year students. In the meantime, I hope this gives me the chance to work on some ground-level posts about Public Relations.

And did I mention I am leaving tomorrow?

There isn’t really much I can say for sure about these next few months, it will be hard, saudade will become a familiar word (for all the known reasons and just because) and also…

It will be Legen, wait for it… dary!

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  1. Good plan! Next year you could spend the winter in Madeira; the year after in Macau; another European winter in Brazil, Angola or Mozambique. Then there's the English-speaking world…

    This could be a lifetime's project.

    1. I am not rulling that option out completely! But I feel a bit detached from friends and family here in Cape Verde. Today was the first class and It was amazing, the students participated more than I had hoped for.

  2. Olá Bruno, sou uma das tuas alunas, só queria desejar-e boa sorte nessa nova caminhada aqui em Cabo Verde espero que gostes tenho a certeza que será uma óptima experiencia pessoal e profisssional pra si!
    Asaudade dói mas, passa no final vais estar aqui a agradecer por tudo. boa estadia.

  3. Hi Teacher,
    I wish you good luck for the challenge here in Cape Verde. I am sure It will be a good experience for you and, so glad to to know the good impression you had about us

    season greetings

    From yor student

  4. Hi Bruno. It seems you have a legion of supporters in here, all coveting for the newest stories of your adventure study trip! I am sure you are the icon for your fellow students at university, the always desired apprentice for professors around and the so much missed Ask Fujitsu Bruno for your ex-colleagues! I certainly hope that this is what you hoped it would be, because I do know how it is to be struggling with homesickness while you envisaged from the start not to give such emotions a chance to interrupt with your activities. Make every second worth to stay there, it are only some months you are detached from what you left behind in Europe. Go for it!!! :) Much love from Nuno and me, and I am sure from all the other AF's as well! Klara

    1. Klara, sorry for not replying sooner!

      Thank you for your support, it means a lot. There are a few stories to tell but I haven't had the time and energy to think about all I want to say.

      But there will be time, and I promise I will tell everyone about how it is to teach here. :)

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